Concept of Negotiation

Uses of the concept ‘negotiation’

Commonly the concept is related with the purchase a product at a good price. However, this only is an edge of the many forms in which is can carry just. The truth is that it is a fundamental and essential part of human relationships, and each negotiation has two inevitable components, these are actors or participants and interests of each. To reach an agreement, should engage in communication between stakeholders and depending on their own skills, get what you want or the closest thing to it.


Negotiation can be also in equipment, for example in companies, trade unions, student groups, among others. While more are them members, greater will be the complexity, already is by the structure or by the process in itself, since within a group there are roles, standards, objectives, etc.

Conditions for carrying just a negotiation

There are calls “forces the negotiating dynamics” and refer to the movement is generated during the process, they highlight the points that adapt and others which are rigid, where there is no alternative to negotiation, what you can do is to abandon the attempt at agreement.

The negotiation will end successfully when there existed a perfect combination between participating (actors), divergence and search of agreement.

Willingness to compromise

Reach an agreement not always is made the same way, much less with equal power or good will. The negotiation, sometimes, simply arises for not losing something. By that we are going to distinguish some forms of trading.

Commitment simple: is where is gets less, by what both parts tend to get it right and not stay absolutely compliant, but is an option to prefer before the abandonment of negotiation.

Mutual concessions: the best ally in this type of agreement is the creativity, since it requires a little more effort than the previous to find the midpoint.

Awards of compensation: at this level the process, becomes more complex since they begin to generate new objects for settling.

New alternatives: often the negotiation must modify not only the object to settling, but the problem in question. Is in the best results are acquired.

Types of interests in negotiation

Bet: is the immediate object that you just don’t want to lose, so it does not require a great complexity in the process.

Award: is it that is expected to win after an agreement.

Performance: is the consensus between what is demand, what is offers and what it gets.

The interaction in the negotiation

The medium where will flow dynamically interests, pressure, points to advantage those who are against it, the demands and what you want to give, is the interaction or the relationship that is established between the parties. And it is where you will find the synergy and the opposition, causing the own tension that characterized the negotiations. The first, synergy, appears in the agreement, the cooperation, the interest and includes certain values. By its part, the antagonism is has in the opposition, in the not cede, in the resistance.

Types of negotiation

Integrative: is where there is more cooperation, so it seeks to combine both visions for the common good. Emphasizes the values like the respect, the support and the collaboration. Requires of enough creativity to generate the greater amount of roads possible, each which more satisfactory that the other. This type of negotiations can be under a climate of trust, quiet and low-risk.

Distributive: completely opposite to the previous, assets or interests is what is above everything else, is a cold and tense negotiation.

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